Potatoes to match my personal colour scheme. What a time to be alive ;)

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Very kitschy and heavily embellished snowflake coasters!

Luckily, not everyone is connected to everyone else just yet, so I can show you gifts I helped a friend make :P

I used the snowflakes to try engraving acrylic glass with the laser, which is something I will need for a future necklace-project I have been planning for a while.

It took some time to find the right material for the necklace-to-be, but now that I have the material and the handling of the robot figured out it should not be too long until I can get started.

While I am not too fond of how laser-engraving looks on wood, it is quite lovely on acrylic. Maybe I would even like how engravings look on wood, if burnt edges on unfinished plywood weren’t just screaming hackerspace project in a not-so-aesthatically-pleasing way? Not sure.

But then I generally do not like unfinished wood. It looks rather bland, and it feels horrible.

Let’s just stick to engraving things that are not wood for now ;)


And as I am being asked about the laser a lot, I made a video of the cutting process.

The video is a bit lame as I was too lazy to edit it much, and not brave (or stupid) enough to put my camera beneath the lid, right into the machine while it was running. But here you go, I hope you still like it:

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even more scissors


Today we went to a medieval winter market and I accidentally bought another pair of scissors :D


It was really lovely. There was so much fog, one could very much feel the moisture. The air was almost dripping …

The overall gloominess greatly improved the experience at the market – the whole city around it just vanished. Everything felt strangely calm and silent, and much prettier than without the fog.

But the peaceful silence was an illusion.


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Blinkenletters. Pretty cables.

Soldering seven thousand (that’s only a slight exaggeration) LEDs onto wooden letters is in equal parts annoying and very soothing.

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I should be writing am writing all the things for my master’s thesis.

Does fixing random css things on every project-related website that I am annoyed with right now count as work, or as procrastination?

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After the conference

A few programmes and nametags (with pre-printed pronoun options) arranged on a desk with some pencils

And the conference is over. I wish I had found the time to take pictures of all the signs and other print products and decorations we made for the conference, but I was too busy.

People, organizing a conference is a lot of work. Turns out organizing a conference with loads of experimental features and events (such as a sound performance installation and an art exhibition) is even more work. But it was definitely worth the extra effort.

Spare leaves


I am a bit disappointed with the current state of boringness on the streets, so you get an extra picture.


They are from a few days ago when it was a lot more exciting to look out of the window. Or leave the house.

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