kitschy pendant


Yesterday when I was uploading pictures, I noticed that I never took pictures of my favourite pendant.

I made it quite some time ago out of an broken souvenir spoon. My paternal grandmother used to collect them. That broken one found it’s way to me after having lost it’s tiny plaque showing whatever attraction it used to belong to. It now has a silly running chicken instead of old-timey, touristy Austrian kitsch.

The tiny metal flowers once were earrings that must have been quite old. When they came to me they were broken, the flowers about to come off and the actual earring-parts were not complete or working anymore. My maternal grandmother gave them to me hoping I would save them from being thrown away.

So, this is very recycled and has a lot of family in it. I didn’t notice that until now …





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Over the holidays I decided that I needed another piece of costumey clothing, so I made this. When it was finished, thorough empirical testing showed that it works pretty well as a belt substitute for flowy dresses, though. So maybe it’s not so useless after all.

The thing is not perfect, and obviously my posture is terrible, but I quite like how it turned out.

It got a little tail (that looks a lot better in real life than it does on the pictures) and a tiny tulle ruffle. I also dyed some piping to go with the strange blue see-through stripes that are woven into the fabric.

And then I found out that there was some fabric in my stash that exactly matched the dyed piping. Of course I needed to make a quick summer dress out of it to go with the vest, and I’m planning to actually take pictures of it in the near future.


The fabric changes colours, depending on the angle it’s being viewed from, so sometimes it looks as if I mixed up the right and wrong sides of the fabric. Oh well …


An awful picture of the back

Now that I showed them some love (and that I haven’t forgotten them after all) my sewing machines are happy again. The end.

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eggs and dye

If there’s one thing I like about easter, it’s the eggs.


The accident.



I just noticed that I very much match the eggs – Even my t-shirt is egg-coloured. And I didn’t even choose the colours myself this time ;)


The aftermath :D

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Usually I only post things I actually made, but I’ll make an exception today. These are the socks my little brother made me for my birthday.

He learned how to knit socks just for me and I’m beyond thrilled. Isn’t that the best present ever? And the yarn is the most beautiful colour … All my favourite shades of purple in one yarn … *swoon*

I don’t ever want to take them off again.


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apple pie


I don’t get a lot of stuff done lately, so I don’t really have a lot to show … Being sick still sucks.

So here is an apple pie I made. This originally was a strudel-recipe from my grandmother that I adapted to become a pie. And because I can’t bake pies for everyone, I wrote down the recipe for you:

You can also download the recipe card as a PDF-file.

By the way … I am determined to make it vegan next time, so we’ll see how that goes.

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