Der Rettungsreifen ist sicher in irgendwelchen Situationen ur nützlich O.o

Zufälliger Spontanausflug in unser 1:1 Modell eines Atomkraftwerks, zum in-den-Utopien-der-70er-rumstapfen und Bilder machen.




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not so purple shoes by emi @

 Gestern durften die neuen Schuhe mit auf einen Ausflug. Hier der Beweis, dass mich dort keiner aufgegessen hat ;)

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Hochdruck und winzigkleine Stiche. (Bücher, die man streicheln kann :D)


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so little time …


Last week I worked on the steel bones (I even bought a crazy expensive shiny new bolt-cutter-thingy that makes cutting strange metal bits really enjoyable!)

Then I spent a few hours torturing my neigbours – in an attempt to get all those rivets to behave. A “tool” had to be built in order to beat them into submission (quite literally).  Also, I hurt myself. There was blood.

I wonder if the corset will be finished by the 8th. I am almost done with the embellishments, but there are a few things I haven’t worked out yet.

And then there are the skirt and the petticoat … I haven’t even started thinking about them, but we’ll see …

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sewing is peaceful and gentle …


… it also involves a lot of elbow grease. And swearing. And heat shrink tubing. And power tools. And fire. And maths.

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