a hole in the wall


A hole in some old building filled with autumn and trees …
inside a hole in another building that is filled with construction work.

Two wonky holes in Graz.

Full of decay.

it’s a lamp.

For the newest strange experiment, I turned a camera into a lamp. I am not sure how useful it is yet, but it looks fun.

Here, have a few making-of pictures (A.k.a. what might be the worst pictures that ever ended up on this blog. But I don’t care because I completely forgot to take proper pictures, so this is all I have):


But it has a battery, a micro usb port and maps printed on it.

The thing looks really silly sitting somewhere, plugged into a power outlet.


The red thing is the usb port, so there’s a barely visible hole for the plug at the outside of the camera for easy access.

Aaaand as we had a bunch of broken cameras, we destroyed about 6 until the lamp was working. I also replaced the original Diana Mini lens with a full-sized Diana fisheye lens for aesthetic reasons.

The black insides of the lens were spray painted silver to act as an reflector and I sanded all the lenses to diffuse the light a bit. And to my surprise I didn’t even feel bad about it.


Posted in DIY 18.10.2015