Zerschmetter im Frieden


While sorting through my folders, I found a picture I took last summer …

A double exposure blending a train station and one of Vienna’s flak towers. I kind of gave up on using my old Rolleicord after a few test rolls, as the camera was in desperate need of some repairs, upgrades, and general tinkering. The picture comes from my first test run after I got the camera, proving that the setup was capable of producing proper images after all.

But hacking and tinkering was still required, so I disassembled and cleaned the camera. And when all the new parts were acquired and the camera was back in one piece again, summer was gone. Freshly renovated, the camera sat on my shelf for a few months looking pretty – and waiting for better light.

Spring is in the air. There is sun. And enough light for daylight film, even in ancient cameras.

Now that my Rolleicord Art Deco even has a customized polarizer, it might be time to get it out again and start shooting.

a hole in the wall


A hole in some old building filled with autumn and trees …
inside a hole in another building that is filled with construction work.

Two wonky holes in Graz.

Full of decay.



tl;dr: Everything is broken. I might attempt to fix some things.

I shot a roll of film … *Insert autumn walk story* and it does not look like expected. Stupid expired film is acting weird sometimes.

It ate all the shadows.

The film ate all the shadows and it looks like I only fixed one of what seems to have actually been two light leaks. But the polarizer-hack seems to be working fine: The polarizer can now be slipped on and off the lens easily, without screwing – Which is very convenient for a 2-eyed camera.

Also, I think my phone is broken (Or it’s just mad at me for not loving it enough … one can never be sure with these things). If you want to get in touch, maybe try something that is not my phone.

herrengasse highrise


We noticed that open house was happening this weekend – just before it was over. So we quickly grabbed a few cameras, and off we went to see Vienna’s first high-rise building.

The weather was glorious and we happened to be on the roof taking pictures just in time for the golden hour …


And for a bit of extra nerdery, I brought my period-accurate camera: Both were built roughly at the same time. And while my rolleicord art deco is must have been completed a year after the building was, they’re from different times.


modernism and art deco





Happy accident.
Double exposure because old camera does no thinking on it’s own :)
But I quite like it.

new toy


I got a new toy for my birthday :)

It is a really old camera, a Rolleicord Art Deco. I’ve been longingly staring at them in the shop windows of Vienna’s countless camera stores for over a year. And now it showed up as a surprise guest for my birthday party.

I’m still learning how to use it, but I think we will be friends sooner rather than later. I shot 2 rolls of film now and they look quite okay as far as I can tell. But they’re not scanned yet as they still hang to dry … Can’t wait to see them :)


And a quick look at the house next door. The focusing screen is so dirty it’s even visible in the picture. It was a bit hard to focus with all this dust in between, which is why we took the camera apart in the first place.


We opened the camera up to replace a few parts (to make it nicer to use, it worked from the beginning) and found what I think must be the production date. It says 12 September 1934. I love taking apart old stuff to find a date or name engraved somewhere …

And I think it has not been used in quite some time, we found a metal rod from what was likely the last roll of film shot in it. And that film still came on a metal rod instead of plastic.


close up

Maybe there will be another post on taking it apart and fixing stuff ;)