No weather today.


Posted in Life 31.01.2016

first snow in 2016?


Photowalk! First snow in 2016! First snow this winter!

Actually, that is not true. In the early hours of new year’s day, Vienna got a bit of snow as well. But as it was all gone when we woke up again, I will just declare this the first snow day of the season. Maybe because I really, really love snow and I don’t like the idea of having slept through the first potential snow experience in months ;)

Besides snow, I also love “my” railroad bridge. I don’t know how many pictures I have shot from up there over the years. The train station around it looks incredibly creepy and also very pretty in a disgusting way …


This past weekend had another amazing snow day, and I shot a whole roll of film when we were out that day. But I messed up one of the settings, and the film I used also requires a different kind of developer that we first need to order.

Blah blah. It is going to take a while until I get to see how (or if) the pictures have been working out.

In other exciting news, the scanner in my apartment got new software, so we are not quite sure if the green tint is related to this new piece of software. It probably is, but I think that the light looks really nice in the pictures as they are – And I think it’s not too far off from the actual lightning situation.


And the wonky bridge. The other one, much smaller and for pedestrians only. I have been trying to take a perfectly symmetrical photograph of this bridge-tunnel-thing for years now, and failing every time. I am almost convinced now that the bridge itself is the reason for my failure. It’s just not straight at all.

Maybe that is why I like it so much.

holidays? not so much …


Too many cameras. Just enough fairy lights.

We don’t do christmas around here, or take part in any religous winter/end-of-year celebrations, so the end of the year usually only means that we get out loads of lights and candles to make the place a bit cozier.

I was not in any kind of holiday mood at all, but I did take a few nice pictures that capture the mood quite well.

pictures from the winter holidays in 2015

More lights.


My roommate decided we would have a tree after all. It had zombies and a few developed rolls of film as a garland.


And my beloved enamel watering can that used to be a coffee pot in it’s previous life. I bought it at the flea market quite some time ago :)

still not over (roadtrip #2)


As the weather is quite lame, and nothing particularly interesting is happening right now, I’m finally posting the last few autumnal roadtrip-pictures :)