Damals war Zukunft


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summer sun …


Today was the first day this year where the glorious, really bright late-afternoon summer sunshine hit my apartment. Well at least it was the first time I was actually at home and noticing it :P

I found a dinosaur trying to bite a naked person in their behind. And lots of dust.

I also found a pair of pants I had cut out last summer. This is probably the one real downside of drafting one’s own sewing patterns … It’s getting kind of hard to figure out what I wanted to do with all the random pieces of fabric after a while. Of course I didn’t put any markings on the fabric because I thought I would do the construction right away. Aaand then life happened, as always. Oh well

I have almost figured out how the pieces should go together now. But I think I messed up the pocket facings – The lining is inside out:


In the end, there were more important things than pocket facings. Cocktails, friends, and watching the sun go down:


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Antwerp, earlier this year

I spent last week in Barcelona, at OFFF. I also stomped around the city a lot, and got to be on top of a significant amount of Barcelona’s hills.

And I didn’t bring a digital camera, just my analog Canon. But this picture I took in Antwerp earlier this year sums up the mood quite well :)

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