plate with fruit cake

I got a bag of cherries. Now I have cake.

cake close up

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paint. i like paint.

me holding a can of spray paint

I’m sick and I should really stay in bed … But nothing works better for treating a sinus infection than spending the afternoon in a mist of all kinds of chemicals, inhaling solvents. Right? … Right. *sighs*

Okay, back to sleep now.

Also, I really need to make a proper sign to remind me to wear gloves. All the experiments, and the chemicals I’ve been playing with recently made me realize that I’d like to keep my finger prints for a bit longer.

old and new

bleached shirt

So I spilled bleach on my shirt in the dark room. Once again. I happen to have a lot of bleached, painted, or otherwise semi-destroyed clothing lying around and collecting dust because it’s not wearable. And I don’t want to throw away stuff that’s in a great condition except for a few stains … Yesterday, I decided to take the pile of stained t-shirts and pullovers and tie-dye it with bleach.

This one actually turned out really great, can’t wait to wear it again :)

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