After the conference

A few programmes and nametags (with pre-printed pronoun options) arranged on a desk with some pencils

And the conference is over. I wish I had found the time to take pictures of all the signs and other print products and decorations we made for the conference, but I was too busy.

People, organizing a conference is a lot of work. Turns out organizing a conference with loads of experimental features and events (such as a sound performance installation and an art exhibition) is even more work. But it was definitely worth the extra effort.

New Poster!

Tables in a lecture room with posters for the Changing Worlds Conference

Look what just came from the printers!

New conference year, new poster! It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but somehow printed artifacts make a project or event feel “more real”.

We went with a similar style as for the last conference, but this time I chose to do a digital illustration since that makes the individual elements reusable.

The main idea is the same as for the first conference poster in 2014, but our choice of artifacts reflects that this instalment of the conference focuses more on art and activism. While both the artwork and topic of the first conference were leaning more towards historical reflections, this year’s vibe is both a bit dystopian and very playful.

I kept yellow as the highlight colour, but replaced the main colours from 2014 (Blues and Greens) with Pinks and Purples.

Poster for the Changing Worlds Conference 2015. The poster is an illustrated planet earth with lots of artefacts such as a flamingo, a spray can, a swing, a tree, a robot hand, a street lamp and lab bottles growing out of it. In this forest of artefacts, signs are places that contain the conference Logo and website link.

And this is the full artwork. What I like most about this design is the potential to use all the little illustrations for the small print products that often feel a bit boring. It feels very fitting for this event to be able to play with the details that way.

Currently, I’m trying to make a plan to enlarge some of the motifs as a decoration for the conference venue.

I think this design is going to be a lot of fun.

Changing Worlds?

The poster for the first Changing Worlds Conference is off to the printers!

Poster for the Changing Worlds Conference 2014. On a white Background, 3 views of planet earth are in the bottom left corner. Together they show a full world map. A lot of cultural and technical artifacts grow out of the worlds. On top we have a billboard with the conference title, the contact details are in the bottom right corner.

The pencil sketch became a full poster.

With this poster I wanted to illustrate the multiplicity of human experiences that is also the basis for the name of the conference, ”Changing Worlds”.

We are used to seeing maps of the world centering (and disproportionally enlarging) Europe and North America. So the first decision we made when we decided to put a globe on the poster was to duplicate it to feature all continents.It was very interesting since deviating from the image most people are used to is ocnfusing at first. The 3 globes also appear in different styles, highlighting that maps are always purpose-driven rather than neutral objects.

Arranged around the 3 globes you can see a strange selection of techno-cultural artifacts. The idea behind this was to question what “technology” and ”society” can mean in this context. When someone tells me about a technology conference nowadays, I tend to think about computers and phones. We wanted to make clear that our approach would be wider, centered on the human experience, and decided to visualize that. We came up with a range of objects that span thousands of years of human civilisation. Some of them are part of contemporary discourse and technological developments, others we usually take for granted.

I ended up doing the illustrations with pencil and paper, further challenging the idea of technology as something neutral while emphasizing human impact.

poster to be


This will be the poster for a conference I’m organizing with a few fellow students.

After a month of being sick and almost managing to die along the way, I finally got started on a new creative project. I learned, once again, that being able to make stuff (drawing, painting, crafting, building …) is a crucial factor in keeping me sane.

Actually, that is not much of a surprise. But those last few weeks were the worst and I’m still in a rather wibbley-wobbley my-body-doesn’t-quite-does-what-I-want-it-to-do-and-I’m-all-dizzy-and-exhausted state of being.

pixels again


It’s evolving! Now it’s just the elder gods that are still missing. And the cinema in the cave.

Anyway, I thought I’ll post another snippet of the city, because I quite like how the little ferris wheel turned out. Also, there’s little lamps and wiring and a wastewater piping system. And I lost count after 80 or 90 hours, so I have no idea how long it actually took …

city in progress


The very beginning …

I accidentally started to paint a city in photoshop.

The file was created on monday afternoon and have been playing with
it pretty much nonstop since then. My eyes are starting to pixelate everything I see ;)


… and a section of the canvas after about 35 hours of work.