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great outfit, no?


and a little bow :)

These are for a costume and will go under a petticoat/skirt. I’m also working on said skirt, the petticoat, and a corset right now. There will probably be some sort of ruff (and I would really like to make a jacket to go with the outfit, but that seems highly unlikely).

They are based on the Madeleine Bloomers, but I modified them quite a bit: I added height in the back, and also made the legs slightly longer.

The pattern is nice and I absolutely love that because of it a lot of people are sewing bloomers now. But I have to say that it does not really work for my body shape. Nothing that can’t be fixed with adding a bit of height though … I also noticed that the inseam-lenghts of the front and back pattern pieces are quite different, so be careful.

I was going for frilly and lots of lace, so instead of sewing a channel and buttonholes for the ribbon as the pattern suggests, I sewed on some sort of buttonhole tape (together with 3 other kinds of black and white lace and ribbon) and threaded white ribbon through it.

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