old stuff


A year or so ago, an old aunt of a friend died. When she was cleaning out the apartment, I got a few pieces of furniture, and a box of old sewing supplies. For some reason, I left the yellow box on my bookshelf for all this time just to rediscover it this past weekend.

I got a lot of lovely (teeny tiny for the most part) sewing needles, razorblades wrapped in printed tissue paper, old zippers, thread, various bits of lace and ribbon and pink boning.

Posted in DIY, Life 17.11.2014

this week so far


Finally, almost 10 years after the initial idea the zombies were printed.


This is what I showed up at my door 2 days after mentioning to my father that I didn’t have the right tools to loosen a stubborn nut on my bike …


Today, we made jam. The pretty translucent red one is chili jelly, the orange one is pumpkin jam with pear and lots of ginger.


Preparing gum arabic for the jam labels.

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