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the next generation

Turns out that having to put in a new strip of film for every single shot gets old really fast … So we are building a new pinhole camera.

It’s base is, again, a can (from paint this time), but it will use medium format film. Roll film. No changing bag required \o/

Also, it has two holes instead of one. And it is time for the camera to get a name, I can’t keep numbering my pinholes forever. But I digress.

I think I started working on it in April, and today the camera produced a first picture:

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 01.07.07

exposure time 2 minutes, probably f/512

I’m so curious if it actually ends up working with the roll film.


_DSC0953 copy

So this is everything I bought in the Netherlands (Except some sweets from the supermarket). Not a lot, as I didn’t even manage to visit a single fabric store.

Yes, I don’t agree with that. But life happened, and … erm … stupid external influences, so whatever.

I did manage to buy some thread and a bit of ribbon in a tiny little haberdashery store in Amsterdam. And I felt tip pens to write on food in a craft store in Rotterdam. I always wanted to try them out, but I haven’t found them in Austria yet.

And I got more sprinkles, because purple. Lots of purple sprinkles.

_DSC0956 copy

_DSC0964 copy

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festival bag

So a few weeks ago I posted the almost finished bag. It has been field tested on a festival since then, so here are some very bad cell phone pictures from 3 different phones (white balance? what white balance?):


But you can see how great the washed-out, distressed black and the purple snaps match my boots. Ha!

The bag holds my wallet, coin purse for the festival grounds’ play money, keys, running order, ear plugs, backup ear plugs, my tiny toy camera, two cell phones, sunglasses, reusable rain poncho and a few cups. Also, it can be worn as a shoulder bag or on a belt and it’s a pretty decent pillow.



I love all the little loops and pockets, and it’s so much more comfortable to have all that weight on my hips instead of my shoulder when I’m on my feet for 20 hours a day.


Say hi to the toy camera and my super metal compression stocking :P

And now some slightly better pictures:



Right now, it does not have a strap as I’m using it with my old air plane belt. Maybe I’ll sew some kind of belt to go with it for next year …

Also, it’s super crinkly because it has already been in the washing machine twice.



That is how it looks worn over the shoulder

And some of the front pockets: A small one with a snap button for ear plugs, a slot for a pen, and a bigger pocket for the running order or other paper stuffs. The last pocket you can’t see in the picture also closes with a snap button, it holds my flashlight.



And on a belt.

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