not long …

… and summer really will be gone.
A few days ago I walked home at night, noticing fallen leaves everywhere in the streets.



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another bag

_DSC0404 copy

I made another bag for outdoor activities such as concerts or festivals. It has loops to be hung from a belt, but it can also be a handbag when a strap is added. Basically, it’s like a backpack but better because it puts no weight on the shoulders. That means I can have it on me all day without my back/shoulders getting tense and unhappy.

The bag has several loops to attach my keys, earplug case, running order, lanyard to hold empty reusable cups, and my wallet to it so nothing can get lost. Some of those loops and D-rings are on the outside to have stuff like the running order and earplugs readily available.

In case you wonder why none of the seams match the fabric, I dyed the whole thing black in the end. As the poly thread does not really take any dye, I used black from the beginning. A bit later, the outer fabric became a lovely black with a few dark, blueish spots. To be honest, it was a last minute project and I drafted the pattern as I went, without a lot of measuring or trying things out. And because of that, I only used materials I already had on hand (which is why the zipper is brown … I hate brown).

Anyways. There are several pockets with varying degrees of security and accessibility and after using it as my main bag for a whole festival I’m pretty much sold.

There are no pictures of the finished project yet, but I made a few progress shots to show all the pockets:

_DSC0407 copy

Belt loops, and hidden zipper pocket in the back

_DSC0408 copy

Slots for earplugs, running order, a pen and my flashlight. Also, the ugly huge brown zipper that came right from the 70s (no kidding, I found it at my grandparent’s)

_DSC0411 copy

Lining with phone pocket.

_DSC0415 copy

More pockets and the D-ring for my wallet

_DSC0423 copy

And the second loop/D-ring for my keys, in the pocket for said keys

_DSC0424 copy

And the magnetic snap closure.

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finally: zombies

_DSC0456 copy

_DSC0460 copy

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Here, have some cows.


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