Autumn is approaching fast, but it seems that it will take a little while until the fall colours are visible inside my home as well …

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stamp stamp



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i won


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city in progress


The very beginning …

I accidentally started to paint a city in photoshop.

The file was created on monday afternoon and have been playing with
it pretty much nonstop since then. My eyes are starting to pixelate everything I see ;)


… and a section of the canvas after about 35 hours of work.



Screen printing t-shirts until there are no t-shirts left.

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flowers on the outside


The cosmetic bag I used to carry around in my purse is starting to fall apart, so a few days ago I decided to replace it. As I was travelling a lot this summer, I came to the conclusion that the new pouch needed to be capable of holding my toothbrush. The old one didn’t and that turned out to be very annoying.

Also, I wanted it to open completely (without everything falling out), as it is kind of lame to dig around forever just to find a hairpin or a button.


I measured my toothbrush and, based on that, drew a quick one-piece pattern. The pouch was stitched up in an hour or two, but it turned out to be perfectly suited to my needs.

This fabric was used as lining/facing fabric in almost every pair of pants I’ve been sewing this year and for this project it’s time for it to be on the outside for once.




Something I’m very pleased with: It turns out that I have purple fusible interfacing and matching bias tape in my stash! I even found a zipper that was the right length and colour to go with both fabrics!

Those of you that sew (and have huge stashes of random stuff) probably understand my excitement.

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neverending notebook


This is one of those projects that take forever to get done because there are just so many little things required to finish it.

I vectorized some planes and ships in january. Of 2011. Then I wanted to make stamps out of them, but couldn’t find the right carving blocks anywhere. At some point, I made the notebook, but left the block without cover for a few months, because I didn’t have any fabric that felt just right and I had no plane stamps yet.

Somehow, a cover happened when I stumbled across that fun checkered print, but then I forgot about the notebook for another year.

Last month I found the now-acquired-and-already-forgotten carving blocks in my printing box and made a few plane stamps – And yesterday I finished the book.

I love how well the dark teal of the end paper goes with the muted orange. And I really like the little pop of colour the page marker adds.