neverending notebook


This is one of those projects that take forever to get done because there are just so many little things required to finish it.

I vectorized some planes and ships in january. Of 2011. Then I wanted to make stamps out of them, but couldn’t find the right carving blocks anywhere. At some point, I made the notebook, but left the block without cover for a few months, because I didn’t have any fabric that felt just right and I had no plane stamps yet.

Somehow, a cover happened when I stumbled across that fun checkered print, but then I forgot about the notebook for another year.

Last month I found the now-acquired-and-already-forgotten carving blocks in my printing box and made a few plane stamps – And yesterday I finished the book.

I love how well the dark teal of the end paper goes with the muted orange. And I really like the little pop of colour the page marker adds.