Zerschmetter im Frieden


While sorting through my folders, I found a picture I took last summer …

A double exposure blending a train station and one of Vienna’s flak towers. I kind of gave up on using my old Rolleicord after a few test rolls, as the camera was in desperate need of some repairs, upgrades, and general tinkering. The picture comes from my first test run after I got the camera, proving that the setup was capable of producing proper images after all.

But hacking and tinkering was still required, so I disassembled and cleaned the camera. And when all the new parts were acquired and the camera was back in one piece again, summer was gone. Freshly renovated, the camera sat on my shelf for a few months looking pretty – and waiting for better light.

Spring is in the air. There is sun. And enough light for daylight film, even in ancient cameras.

Now that my Rolleicord Art Deco even has a customized polarizer, it might be time to get it out again and start shooting.