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I made a prototype for a necklace I’ve been thinking about for a while.


Laser cut and engraved grey acrylic. I had to first polish the pieces a bit, and then just joined them with some wire. I think I’m going to test it tomorrow – so then I will see if the construction really works out. If everything hangs the ways it’s supposed to.

I think I might need to get proper jump rings at some point, but it doesn’t look too bad for now.



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Very kitschy and heavily embellished snowflake coasters!

Luckily, not everyone is connected to everyone else just yet, so I can show you gifts I helped a friend make :P

I used the snowflakes to try engraving acrylic glass with the laser, which is something I will need for a future necklace-project I have been planning for a while.

It took some time to find the right material for the necklace-to-be, but now that I have the material and the handling of the robot figured out it should not be too long until I can get started.

While I am not too fond of how laser-engraving looks on wood, it is quite lovely on acrylic. Maybe I would even like how engravings look on wood, if burnt edges on unfinished plywood weren’t just screaming hackerspace project in a not-so-aesthatically-pleasing way? Not sure.

But then I generally do not like unfinished wood. It looks rather bland, and it feels horrible.

Let’s just stick to engraving things that are not wood for now ;)


And as I am being asked about the laser a lot, I made a video of the cutting process.

The video is a bit lame as I was too lazy to edit it much, and not brave (or stupid) enough to put my camera beneath the lid, right into the machine while it was running. But here you go, I hope you still like it:

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trying new things

A quick material test for a potential project while the film we were developing earlier was drying. Because laser.


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The new ampersand is finished! Lasercut and painted with a very subtle gradient from dark blue to a rather dark, but still somehow mint-ish green.

It’s a lot sturdier than the old one that I cut from cardboard years ago. I like the new version better and as the wooden ampersand is less floppy, it probably will stay on the wall for once (I hope).


I love painting things.

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