Hi blurry swan.

I really like autumn. Surprise.

You knew that already, didn’t you? Was it the seven billion pictures of colourful trees that gave me away?

Anyways … I was photo-skating (Like a photowalk, but on skates) at donauinsel, and I met a swan.


conferencing …


I have been incredibly busy lately, which means there’s nothing to see.


But last week the conference I have been co-organising took place and we made lots of decorations. Paper puffs!


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another road trip


Here, pictures. We made a little weekend round trip through Austria a few weeks ago. This is day 2, in digital pictures. I have so many photos lingering around from that weekend, probably there will be more of them in another post.











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just pictures, again


It seems the only remotely creative activity I can find the time and energy for recently is photography.

Outdoor photography to be exact.

And I think even that is mostly owed to it’s inherent quality of forcing me to take longer walks on a regular basis – In most cases even when the sun is still out. But it’s good to have something make me go outside and actually be outside rather than only rushing from one building to the other all day long.


While it has been really warm in the sun, at least in the last few days, it was incredibly cold when I took those pictures. Maybe it’s time to accept that winter is almost here.

fig cake <3


So, fig season is over now.

But if you find yourself with some figs, go make this very decadent cake. It is moist and fluffy and gorgeous. And really quite rich. I found the recipe through a quick online search when I had set my heart on making fig cake RIGHT NOW a few weeks ago.

The recipe is awesome. If you end up making it, just make sure you don’t overcook the cake. And cool it down really slow so it won’t collapse.

The recipe suggests eating it cold right from the fridge, but I found it best after the slice was heated in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

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a hole in the wall


A hole in some old building filled with autumn and trees …
inside a hole in another building that is filled with construction work.

Two wonky holes in Graz.

Full of decay.

it’s a lamp.

For the newest strange experiment, I turned a camera into a lamp. I am not sure how useful it is yet, but it looks fun.

Here, have a few making-of pictures (A.k.a. what might be the worst pictures that ever ended up on this blog. But I don’t care because I completely forgot to take proper pictures, so this is all I have):


But it has a battery, a micro usb port and maps printed on it.

The thing looks really silly sitting somewhere, plugged into a power outlet.


The red thing is the usb port, so there’s a barely visible hole for the plug at the outside of the camera for easy access.

Aaaand as we had a bunch of broken cameras, we destroyed about 6 until the lamp was working. I also replaced the original Diana Mini lens with a full-sized Diana fisheye lens for aesthetic reasons.

The black insides of the lens were spray painted silver to act as an reflector and I sanded all the lenses to diffuse the light a bit. And to my surprise I didn’t even feel bad about it.


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