balloon dog

paint. i like paint.

me holding a can of spray paint

I’m sick and I should really stay in bed … But nothing works better for treating a sinus infection than spending the afternoon in a mist of all kinds of chemicals, inhaling solvents. Right? … Right. *sighs*

Okay, back to sleep now.

Also, I really need to make a proper sign to remind me to wear gloves. All the experiments, and the chemicals I’ve been playing with recently made me realize that I’d like to keep my finger prints for a bit longer.

poster to be


This will be the poster for a conference I’m organizing with a few fellow students.

After a month of being sick and almost managing to die along the way, I finally got started on a new creative project. I learned, once again, that being able to make stuff (drawing, painting, crafting, building …) is a crucial factor in keeping me sane.

Actually, that is not much of a surprise. But those last few weeks were the worst and I’m still in a rather wibbley-wobbley my-body-doesn’t-quite-does-what-I-want-it-to-do-and-I’m-all-dizzy-and-exhausted state of being.

playing around


Maybe this test will lead to a bigger project at some point …
Jewel tones on black are so pretty!


pixel all the pixels.


progress: disco cave


progress: infrastructure and stuff

I seem to like pixel drawings. Initially, a friend asked me to draw a little skyline for the header of his new website. Then I just went on and on … you know how it goes.

In the last pixel post, I wrote that the cave was supposed to become a cinema. But as it evolved, it became some sort of an underground party location.

Now it’s huge and the file has 130 layers prepared for all sorts of weird animations that might or might not actually work at some point. But still no elder gods …





I suppose this is some sort of sculpture. Weird fabric and fluff creeping out of every little corner – Just what every room behaves like when people cut fabric in it.


plitsch platsch


Giant mess, created by me and Markus