Santa Tentacles

Here, have a mechanic octopus with a santa hat. Also a huge disco ball dangling in between it’s legs …

This is a slightly bizarre version of christmas, found at the Santa Monica Pier on one of those in-between days after christmas when the old year is slowly fading out.

That was in 2014 already! Time flies.

I’m just now working through the pictures from the month-long trip to the US two years ago, yes I’m super fast, I know. But the christmas octopus is just awesome. I don’t really celebrate christmas – but I like weird things so this is perfectly christmas, as far as I’m concerned.

Also this is why my parents now have a big, sparkly, wooden walrus* ornament on their christmas tree.

Kitsch. Patriotism. Seagull.

* Considering I bought it in San Francisco, I think it really should have been a sea lion. But I only found a walrus. A happy fat and sparkly one, so I guess it’s fine.