Times long gone


Wandering around my grandparent’s garden always feels like stepping into times long gone.

Their shed is the most amazing space ever. My grandfather is a collector, and it shows. I fondly remember the bright 70s lounge chairs that used to be in here when I was younger. They were so uncomfortable, but looked like so much fun in all their plastic glory.


A few years ago I started realizing that I’m getting old. Okay, just kidding, but life is moving pretty past … I had moved away from home for university, and after a while I was slowly noticing the small things when I came visit. The small things one tends to overlook when they are too close.

Seeing how people there interact, but from the outside rather than being part of the village anymore. Childhood memories started popping up. I was slowly realizing just how different my new life in the city was from my childhood.

Places I never noticed back when I was hurrying past them on a daily basis became special, and it was beginning to sense why the glowing afternoon light feels so different in the city.


I also realized that the memories of my past are fleeting. That the reality of my childhood was slowly disappearing, and not only from my memory. Many of the places and people that were my life way back are completely different now, or are already gone forever. So more recently, I began to bring my cameras along for visits. To capture some of the people and places of my past. And when I was flicking through the analog pictures I had been taking in the last months, I decided to create a “memories” category for the blog to document and remember them.