holidays? not so much …


Too many cameras. Just enough fairy lights.

We don’t do christmas around here, or take part in any religous winter/end-of-year celebrations, so the end of the year usually only means that we get out loads of lights and candles to make the place a bit cozier.

I was not in any kind of holiday mood at all, but I did take a few nice pictures that capture the mood quite well.

pictures from the winter holidays in 2015

More lights.


My roommate decided we would have a tree after all. It had zombies and a few developed rolls of film as a garland.


And my beloved enamel watering can that used to be a coffee pot in it’s previous life. I bought it at the flea market quite some time ago :)



Hi blurry swan.

I really like autumn. Surprise.

You knew that already, didn’t you? Was it the seven billion pictures of colourful trees that gave me away?

Anyways … I was photo-skating (Like a photowalk, but on skates) at donauinsel, and I met a swan.