This was just a test to see if I could sew a crown-ish piece of accessoire without hand sewing.

I glued grey and the dark blue fabric together using lots of fusible interfacing – the resulting fabric was quite firm and had a bit of body to it, so it was perfect for this project. With a bit of patience (one might call it stubbornness) everything could be sewn with the sewing machine, there’s not a single stitch of handsewing in there!

There is wire enclosed in every seam, which was a pain to sew. But now the coronet has a stiff base with little loops for bobby pins and the tips are bendy, which is a nice touch.


It goes great with my shiny blue antlers and I really love the little golden dots on the pretty blue fabric, printed with some sort of metallic paint. The ornament is an old brooch that my grandmother gave me a few years ago because it’s pin was gone.