I made a hat for a friend (it’s actually supposed to be a trade. But we’ll see how that goes. He promised me another pair of man-knit socks for my collection.) It’s also the first finished product of my newest obsession with multiple gradients. Here one is in the yarn and one in the layout of the blue shapes.

As for the pattern, I started with this tutorial and just went from there. I changed it up quite a bit, and added a blue-to grey gradient by slowly fading out the colorful repeats towards the top of the hat.

I used Lana Grossa Elastico (96% cotton, 4% polyester):
– 1 ball Elastico 101-Schiefer
– 1/2 a ball Elastico Print in 520-Nachtblau/Jeans/Blauviolett/Flieder

The ribbing is fairly loose: My friend has really curly hair, so he prefers his hats to be a bit loose around the edges

And because I don’t have a picture of my friend wearing it yet, you get a really blurry cyborg-alien-esque picture of me size/fit testing halfway through knitting … and the colours are great:

It’s also very flattering to end up looking topless. Maybe there’s a reason
why people don’t knit hats in a 38 degree sleeveless-top kind of weather :P