there was sun


Today I got a new batch of scanned film that we did develop a bit ago. It’s still summer on most of the rolls.

Aren’t the colours amazing? I met this building in early september. Bare bricks, crumbling layers of old paint (and everything else, really), all the fonts. And the first bright orange autumn leaves casting shadows. Dancing shadows.

In other news, my Diana Mini broke. It did not want to move any more film and apparently it’s a common problem – two plastic parts rub each other just the wrong way. The little camera was taken apart and put back together with an extra washer. This tiny little washer seems to be a part all of them should already come with, but they do not. And so far, it seems to make all the difference.

Now that my Diana Mini is fixed, apparently my analog Canon SLR is on a strike. *sigh*

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I really like this picture. It has so many layers and different textures … But some simplicity would be nice for a change.

Sometimes, things get complicated.

The sunlight penetrating heavy rain clouds. Being up in the air and feeling like the bottom of the ocean. Layers upon layers of glass and steel and reflections and birds and blue sky. Opinions and reflections. Hard wonky edges seaming together rigid waves. The sea on grainy film. Seeing through walls. Standing inside, and being oh so far away.

Sometimes, things work. Sometimes, things do not. Sometimes things somehow work but do not work out regardless.

Sometimes, things just are a bit more complex.



A test.

I already forgot what I was testing though. The film perhaps?

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A cliff. The tiny dark upright blob in the top right corner is a human walking a dog. The smaller blob to their left is the dog. Also: fog.

Almost two years ago, I was escaping the Austrian winter and we ended up spending the winter holidays roadtripping through California and Nevada.

With August being mostly dreary, cold, and wet, I was reminded of a rainy weekend we spent travelling up the coast, so I started digging through old photographs …

On said rainy weekend we went from San José to Half Moon Bay. The somewhat apocalyptic weather and light conditions were actually pretty amazing … Tiny forests atop huuuuge cliffs. And angry waves. And seagulls. And rain.



mood (barcelona at night)



On our way home …

Honestly, I am surprised that any of these pictures turned out okay – No tripod, and only my old Canon A-1 camera. And Fuji 800 film i’ve been trying out on that trip. It’s not bad, but nothing beats Portra 800 …

It was an experiment – I went to Barcelona and only brought one analog camera. Nothing else. (My phone is so old and crappy, it really does not count as a camera)




creepy museum


artsy museum


the neverending project


Summer in Vienna.