another purple hat …

Alright. I knit another hat to deal with the fact I don’t have any useful hair for -10°C weather. The pictures kind of suck, but the weather was not really cooperative. And I thought maybe this space could use a puppy update. The puppy is huge.

It just turned 1 and it is more the size of a pony at the moment (I’m exaggerating slightly, but the dog really went from “oversized puppy” to absurdly large actually grown dog in the last few months). The dog is a bit wonky now as the back legs are a bit too long at the moment, but the vet insist it will grow back into dog-shaped proportions – And at that point it can probably be used as a riding animal.

But back to the hat: Basically … I was bored, it was cold, I wanted a quick and satisfying Sunday afternoon project. So I stole some thick purple yarn from my stash that should have become something else … and quickly made a hat.

It’s just knit rows and purl rows and the brim is doubled up ribbing (with increases after the doubled-up section), similar to the Wurm hat for my mum that I made a while back. I also made a pompom with the leftovers of ball #2 and leftovers I had from a ball of mustard yellow I bought for extra chunky sock heels.

Yarn used: 100% Merino
2 balls Lana Grossa COOL WOOL Bingo Melange, color 245 (Antikviolett)
leftovers from a ball of yarn that’s probably from the same line, but I can’t find the label right now.