Yesterday, I made pins. A few with tentacles on them, and this shiny one. Actually, the sewing machine pictured is the one that is standing next to my desk right now ;)

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This is the latest costume I made … Excuse the horrible middle-of-the-night-nobody-feels-like-taking-pictures-pictures ;)

So … let’s see: I made the stripey invisible bloomers, the crinoline, the white skirt and collared shirt, the corset, most of the jewellery, and the whip.
I didn’t make the boots, the socks, and the white lace gloves. The gloves were found in some great grandmother’s attic, so that’s awesome as well.


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pinhole camera


*eating mandarin pieces* – “I want this can to take pictures!” – “Ok.”

Yesterday, I (we) made a new ampersand for my wall, spacer-thingies for my screen printing machine and a silly-looking pinhole camera.


This is the first picture …


… and this is the inside of the camera.



Leftover paint

I made mould. Or maybe fungus. From fabric, stuffing and paint. Growing. Sprawling. Inhabiting space.

I quite like it, and how it’s coming out of the door frame, reaching out for the ceiling.

And if there should be any sun anytime soon, maybe I’ll even try to get some decent pictures.


Corset, looking completely different

The corset is finished! The whole costume is, actually. It was taken out on a fancy-dress ball and a lot of fun was had.

The corset is suprisingly comfortable, even though it still needs a bit more wear. Breaking in leather(ish) corsets takes quite a bit …

I wonder if some of those half-finished projects that are piling up are going to get finished, now that university is in full swing again. Lots of assignments make for lots of reading and writing. And that means lots of little creativity-breaks. I already finished some old projects, both the mould-installation and the corset being among them.

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