An Overview

I'm always working on different projects at the intersection of design, research and technology. Below you can find my project journal and the pages for some of my personal projects.


Here you can find my project journal. It is at the same time a portfolio and a diary. I chose this format rather than a traditional portfolio since my work keeps shifting away from that of a pure graphic designer. These days, I'm more and more involved in stages of a project that don't lead themselves to pretty pictures. Often projects take years before they can be shown publicly, some of them never reach a stage where this is easily possible.

This is why I decided to try a journal-style portfolio for now. I hope this can give you an idea of the things I'm working on, and some of the topics I am interested in.


I recently finished my master’s at the department of Science and Technology Studies at the University of Vienna. The full title of my thesis project is: “Research at home? Social Scientists and their Understanding and Use of the Internet as a Site of Research.”

In this project, I am looking to explore the relationship between qualitative online researchers and the medium or field of their research. It came about as a result of my interest in tools and how people use them. After doing a few online research projects myself, I decided to dive deeper into qualitative digital methods.

An update with the full text will be uploaded soon.


During my studies at the department of Science and Technologie Studies at the University of Vienna, I became involved in (academic) event planning. For the Changing Worlds Conference that I co-founded, we focused on transdisciplinarity, accessibility and inclusion. But even after that project ended, one question kept popping up: Accessibility sounds great, but where do I start?

Together with my colleague Victoria Neumann, I have been working towards answering this question for and with others. We want to show you that there are many small, doable actions everyone can take to invite more people in. A big part of doing that is making the invisible visible, and we want to facilitate that by helping you to ask yourself the right questions – because often asking the right questions is much harder than finding good answers.

Materials and additional information can be found here.

As part of this project we offer workshops, talks, consulting and resources for you to work with. This is mainly geared towards small businesses, organizers and others that want some help getting started.