Hire Me!

What I do

I am a Graphic Designer, Researcher and Consultant. My work focuses on:

  • Corporate Design and Communications
  • Digital Media and Digital Methods
  • Accessibility and (Cultural) Diversity
  • Science Communication and Educational Projects

Made for People

In addition to my training as a Communication Designer, I have studied Cultural Anthropology and Science and Technology Studies. My design practice is user centered, accessible, and informed by social science research.

During my studies I had the opportunity to work on both educational and transdisciplinary academic projects.

Within the traditional fields of Graphic design, I specialize in Creating Corporate Design solutions from concept to product – From designing websites or business cards to developing a Corporate Identity for your business or project.

Specifically, I

  • Closely work with web developers, photographers and other specialists to make your vision reality,
  • Can help you realise your ideas in an accessible, culturally sensitive and user centred way,
  • Would love to work with you to introduce those ideas to your clients or customers,
  • Can teach you or your staff how to best communicate with your audience.

I'm passionate about finding the right solution that works for you.