My Design Philosophy

Beauty exists almost everywhere, even if it might be intangible at first.
To me, the essential is usually to be found in the details.

However, I am convinced that good design isn’t merely “beautiful”, but also useful. While it isn’t a matter of efficiency alone, good design serves to make our day-to-day lives easier. Information becomes more accessible, problems are more easily resolved, products are handled with greater ease.

Good design works effortlessly and is usually taken for granted, whereas bad design choices can stick out like a sore thumb.

In my design process, the message itself always comes first.

However, graphic design is neither apolitical nor ahistorical. Design choices are intrinsically linked to the society in which they are situated. Nothing we design exists in, of, and for itself: it is always linked to a larger whole – in the end it was my training in graphic design that first led me to study the social sciences in general, and more recently led me to the field of Science and Technology Studies. These different spheres are intimately related in a way that affects all of our lives deeply and which I find highly engaging.