My Project Journal – Visual Design

This blog is part diary, part portfolio. Often, the project's final products are not published yet – I hope you enjoy the process and the journey through the projects!

The journal is not currently translated, posts appear in the language that makes the most sense in context.

poster to be

The picture shows a close up of my drawing table with a piece of paper and several pencils, erasers and tools. The part of the pencil drawing that is in focus shows 3 different globe-style views of the planet earth with various technical artifacts arranged around them.

This will be the poster for a conference I’m organizing with a few fellow students.

We have started organizing a conference at the department of Science and Technology Studies. The idea is to bring together researchers, artists, and other people interested in how humans interact with technology.

The conference itself will be an experiment: We want to bring together academics and non-academics, creating a unique space for exchange. We want to explore the limits of what an academic conference can be, and invite people who would not usually attend events at an university.

We have decided early on that in order to reach a wider audience, our conference has to look good. And this includes having a proper logo and overall design – which I am responsible for.

I decided to go for an analog illustration and color it digitally later. Above you can see an early stage of the illustration before being scanned.

Pixel town is growing.

The image shows a pixel illustration of a dark cave with a DJ-set, lights and disco balls.
progress: disco cave
The picture shows a close up of some underground infrastructure such as elevators and wastewater lines in the pixel illustration.
progress: infrastructure and elevator shaft

I seem to like pixel drawings. Initially, a friend asked me to draw a little skyline for the header of his new website. Then I just went on and on … you know how it goes.

In the last pixel post, I wrote that the cave was supposed to become a cinema. But as it evolved, it became some sort of an underground party location.

Now it’s huge and the file has 130 layers prepared for all sorts of weird animations that might or might not actually work at some point. But still no elder gods …

Close up of the empty cave before the disco infrastructure was added.
And before the disco cave was added

pixels again

The image shows a pixel illustration of a city, in 3 layers. On top there's a skyline and streets and cars and a ferris wheel. One layer down, we can see into a subway station. Below that, we see a crosscut of wastewater pipes and a big cave that can be reached via an elevator from the train station.

It’s evolving! I think it’s only missing the the cinema that is supposed to go in the cave.

Anyway, I thought I’ll post another snippet of the city, because I quite like how the little Ferris Wheel turned out. Also, there’s little lamps and wiring and a wastewater piping system. And I lost count after 80 or 90 hours, pixel illustrations take a long time.