Pixel town is growing.

The image shows a pixel illustration of a dark cave with a DJ-set, lights and disco balls.
progress: disco cave
The picture shows a close up of some underground infrastructure such as elevators and wastewater lines in the pixel illustration.
progress: infrastructure and elevator shaft

I seem to like pixel drawings. Initially, a friend asked me to draw a little skyline for the header of his new website. Then I just went on and on … you know how it goes.

In the last pixel post, I wrote that the cave was supposed to become a cinema. But as it evolved, it became some sort of an underground party location.

Now it’s huge and the file has 130 layers prepared for all sorts of weird animations that might or might not actually work at some point. But still no elder gods …

Close up of the empty cave before the disco infrastructure was added.
And before the disco cave was added