Lasercut Linoprints

I Love the aesthetics of linoprints.

In between all of the usual end-of-year chaos, a dear friend invited me to play with her printing press. We made a few things, and in the end I finally managed to print the linoleum plate I cut as a test when trying out the newest laser cutter.

I tried this because linoprints usually have the soft flow of handcarving. I wanted to try to lasercut an image and see what it does to the print – it’s a bit odd and clashes wonderfully with the usual feel of linoprints.

When looking at my black fingers, I keep being reminded of my print workshop teacher from art school – When anyone was annoyed with their paint-stained hands, he would always smirk and say “Na, es heißt ja die schwarze Kunst” (Printing is often referred to as “schwarze Kunst” or “black art” in German).