Mein Projekttagebuch – Experiments

Dieser Blog ist gleichermaßen Tagebuch und Portfolio. Viele der Projekte sind (noch) nicht öffentlich zugänglich – Ich hoffe, Sie finden die Entstehungsprozesse interessant!

Der Blog wird aktuell nicht übersetzt, Beiträge erscheinen entweder auf Deutsch oder Englisch.

Robot Invasion

I randomly stumbled across another installation by David Černý while I was out exploring the end of the world one of Prague’s outer districts and looking for birthday cupcakes.


Here is a quick gif I made while soaking up all the sun I could get after 2 weeks of end-of-march-snow. It was a glorious, colourful late afternoon and after 2 hours everything went back to cold and rainy. But I got sun and birthday cupcakes, and even at the same time!

Lasercut Linoprints

I Love the aesthetics of linoprints.

In between all of the usual end-of-year chaos, a dear friend invited me to play with her printing press. We made a few things, and in the end I finally managed to print the linoleum plate I cut as a test when trying out the newest laser cutter.

I tried this because linoprints usually have the soft flow of handcarving. I wanted to try to lasercut an image and see what it does to the print – it’s a bit odd and clashes wonderfully with the usual feel of linoprints.

When looking at my black fingers, I keep being reminded of my print workshop teacher from art school – When anyone was annoyed with their paint-stained hands, he would always smirk and say “Na, es heißt ja die schwarze Kunst” (Printing is often referred to as “schwarze Kunst” or “black art” in German).

What is a conference?

Close up of the conference poster zoomed in on the “Changing Worlds” conference logo.

For the Changing Worlds Conference, we tried to experiment with the format of an academic conference. We learned as we went, and were definitely a lot more adventurous in the second year of the event.

The whole experiment started when a group of master’s students with a wide range of disciplinary and personal backgrounds came together to imagine and later execute the conferences. We noticed early on that we all had different expectations for what a conference might look and feel like. And being social scientists, we decided to explore what that might mean.

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