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painting with light

One could start think that I really like sunsets a lot, considering the amount of sunset-pictures I have been taking/posting lately … But honestly I mostly like the colors.

The weather we have been having lately just makes for the best light.

I don’t even like brown, but the colour scheme here is so nice … bright sunlight and rain clouds.

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full moon

full moon

Another full moon. Nowhere.


And an experimental shot.

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Potatoes to match my personal colour scheme. What a time to be alive ;)

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even more scissors


Today we went to a medieval winter market and I accidentally bought another pair of scissors :D


It was really lovely. There was so much fog, one could very much feel the moisture. The air was almost dripping …

The overall gloominess greatly improved the experience at the market – the whole city around it just vanished. Everything felt strangely calm and silent, and much prettier than without the fog.

But the peaceful silence was an illusion.


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Spare leaves


I am a bit disappointed with the current state of boringness on the streets, so you get an extra picture.


They are from a few days ago when it was a lot more exciting to look out of the window. Or leave the house.

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