Robot Invasion

I randomly stumbled across another installation by David Černý while I was out exploring the end of the world one of Prague’s outer districts and looking for birthday cupcakes.


Here is a quick gif I made while soaking up all the sun I could get after 2 weeks of end-of-march-snow. It was a glorious, colourful late afternoon and after 2 hours everything went back to cold and rainy. But I got sun and birthday cupcakes, and even at the same time!

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dog days (literally)

Seit ich daheim ausgezogen bin war ich nicht oft zu Besuch. Meist nur kurz, im Vorbeifahren. Um meinen uralten Hund zu kuscheln.

Neuerdings gibt’s dort aber ein neues Hundebaby, drum komm ich jetzt fast jede Woche vorbei – die Hunde besuchen. Spazieren gehen und im Fluss planschen und im Zuge dessen dann von winzigkleinen Hundemilchzähnen zermartert.

Mit einem Stock drüberfahren macht immer noch gute Geräusche, aber jetzt splittert es ein bisschen mehr als früher. Schrumm schrumm krhchz.

Alles dort ist jetzt alt. Ich kann mich noch erinnern als wir den alten Hund abgeholt haben. Vor 5 Minuten. Oder 11 Jahren.

Der alte Hund ist jedenfalls jetzt überhaupt nicht mehr neu sondern alt. Uralt. Einfach so, ganz plötzlich. In meinem Kopf ist es immer so, dass Dinge ewig im gleichen Zustand bleiben. Alle Kreaturen schweben dahin in einer immergleichen Normalität. Stabil. So wie ein schlechtes Videospiel in dem Artefakte nicht altern. Im Gegensatz dazu tun die das in der physischen Welt aber ganz unbeirrt trotzdem, ganz egal ob jemand mit der Spielmechanik gepfuscht hat oder es vor lauter Selbstverständlichkeit nicht bemerkt. Und auch wurscht ob irgendwer etwas dagegen hat.

Daher kommt dann immer mal wieder die spontane Erkenntnis, dass das letzte Jahrzehnt zum Beispiel auch an den Stegplanken nicht spurlos vorüber gegangen ist. Die sind nämlich jetzt auch alt. Wie der alte Hund.

Wenn ich an den Teich im Garten meiner Eltern denke, dann immer an die neuen Holzbretter. Mit ihrer einwandfrei geriffelten Holzoberfläche und alle ganz gerade. Jetzt sind sie schief und gebogen und abgesplittert und manche Schrauben sind schon kaputt. Letzte Woche bin ich in eine reingetreten, die wohl abgebrochen und rausgerostet ist um zu sagen: “Hallo, ich hab das Holz lang genug festgehalten. Tschüs, baba, ich bin’s dann mal”. Außerdem wächst auf einzelnen Brettern mittlerweile Moos.
Wahrscheinlich ist das aber auch alles schon seit Jahren so und ich hab’s nur nicht bemerkt.

Eigentlich ist doch alles, wie es immer schon war. Bloß ein bisschen anders.

Und der Analogfilm der im diesigen Sommerabendlicht bei 30 Grad da noch ein paar Jahrzehnte draufgibt passt doch eigentlich auch ganz gut dazu. Schön.

Lazy hazy light leaks.

Somehow I managed to produce light leaks while playing with my stolen Hasselblad. But I really love this picture – it’s everything the end of a really steamy countryside summer day is supposed to feel like.

Goodbye, CCH

The CCH is being stripped down and renovated right after the event ends, so I decided to take a few pictures and capture the feeling on the last night of 33c3.

For those of you who have been there: I hope you enjoy the memories.

For those who haven’t: Yes, it’s really that tacky. But in a good way ;)

See you in a bit.

I tried to make sure everyone is blurred enough for the pictures to work with the photography/consent policies. Should you find yourself in a picture you’re not comfortable with please let me know.

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After visiting Hamburg several times, I finally managed to actually go and explore the city for a bit. Considering that I had missed several chances to see Miniaturwunderland already, that’s where we decided to go first.

*tschu tschu*

Anyways. I had not really planned to take any pictures, but I happened to have my Olympus OM-D with an 60mm lens with me. So I started randomly snapping some photos when we were waiting for people to move out of the way, as this seemed to be just the right setup. And now everyone wants pictures, so here you go.

2015, I posted full-size Las Vegas for new years, this year it’s the tiny clone …

The museum actually has a day/night cycle. For every cycle, you get something like 20 minutes of day, and then there are 5 minutes of night. They even come with dusk and dawn in several different colours. I didn’t change the order of the pictures much from how they appear at the museum, so you can see that we spent a bunch of mini-days in there :P

Fun fact: I have already visited almost all the life sized versions of mini-US but none of the places shown in tiny Switzerland.

It’s a really nice little museum, but if you haven’t been there, be warned. You need to reserve a ticket/time slot online in advance unless you want to wait forever to get in. It’s also absurdly crowded. We got in around 18:30 and left at 23:00, and that was pretty much okay (Yeah. Take your time for this one). For the first hour or so it was impossible to move or get anywhere, and only when it got too late for all the children the place cleared out somewhat. In case you don’t like crowds, better go there laaaate.

Flashing lights everywhere, even on tiny police people riding tiny police bikes.

Hamburg at night.

I don’t know why, but I really like this picture.

Fire …

And a tiny circus. They also added an impressive number of christmas trees.

It is quite amazing how many different landscapes there are, and all the little details are lovely. We even stumbled upon a tiny CCCamp (At least we thought we did – Fairy Dust was nowhere to be found. But it was a festival and they had all the computers on the camping grounds).

I love how all the snow is not quite white, just like in the full-sized version.

And the same train station at night.

More tunnels.

Snow-wise, this version of Austria does so much better than the one I’m sitting in right now …

There are way too many pictures in this post, sorry for that. But you want to see Italy too, right?

I don’t think this is Italy yet.

Still not Italy.

Construction site.

This is Italy, I think.

And this is the cutest little train station in the whole museum.

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Santa Tentacles

Here, have a mechanic octopus with a santa hat. Also a huge disco ball dangling in between it’s legs …

This is a slightly bizarre version of christmas, found at the Santa Monica Pier on one of those in-between days after christmas when the old year is slowly fading out.

That was in 2014 already! Time flies.

I’m just now working through the pictures from the month-long trip to the US two years ago, yes I’m super fast, I know. But the christmas octopus is just awesome. I don’t really celebrate christmas – but I like weird things so this is perfectly christmas, as far as I’m concerned.

Also this is why my parents now have a big, sparkly, wooden walrus* ornament on their christmas tree.

Kitsch. Patriotism. Seagull.

* Considering I bought it in San Francisco, I think it really should have been a sea lion. But I only found a walrus. A happy fat and sparkly one, so I guess it’s fine.

Clowns ahead.

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