This is the latest costume I made … Excuse the horrible middle-of-the-night-nobody-feels-like-taking-pictures-pictures ;)

So … let’s see: I made the stripey invisible bloomers, the crinoline, the white skirt and collared shirt, the corset, most of the jewellery, and the whip.
I didn’t make the boots, the socks, and the white lace gloves. The gloves were found in some great grandmother’s attic, so that’s awesome as well.


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Leftover paint

I made mould. Or maybe fungus. From fabric, stuffing and paint. Growing. Sprawling. Inhabiting space.

I quite like it, and how it’s coming out of the door frame, reaching out for the ceiling.

And if there should be any sun anytime soon, maybe I’ll even try to get some decent pictures.


Corset, looking completely different

The corset is finished! The whole costume is, actually. It was taken out on a fancy-dress ball and a lot of fun was had.

The corset is suprisingly comfortable, even though it still needs a bit more wear. Breaking in leather(ish) corsets takes quite a bit …

I wonder if some of those half-finished projects that are piling up are going to get finished, now that university is in full swing again. Lots of assignments make for lots of reading and writing. And that means lots of little creativity-breaks. I already finished some old projects, both the mould-installation and the corset being among them.

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wood turning


gif (and all of the pictures with both my hands in them):
courtesy of alex

It’s moving. Painting something while it’s still rotating on the lathe has to be the most satisfactory activity ever.



painting and painting and painting


This is an experiment. I have no Idea what I’m doing here, but it’s a lot of fun. Luckily I know someone who is willing to teach me …



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stripey corset


It has entered the bias-tape-stages now. Maybe it will even be finished at some point …

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wrestling the monster


Or: Hemming 30 metres of tulle while trying not to inflict serious injury.

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On a quest to find out how leather masks are crafted …





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This was just a test to see if I could sew a crown-ish piece of accessoire without hand sewing.

I glued grey and the dark blue fabric together using lots of fusible interfacing – the resulting fabric was quite firm and had a bit of body to it, so it was perfect for this project. With a bit of patience (one might call it stubbornness) everything could be sewn with the sewing machine, there’s not a single stitch of handsewing in there!

There is wire enclosed in every seam, which was a pain to sew. But now the coronet has a stiff base with little loops for bobby pins and the tips are bendy, which is a nice touch.


It goes great with my shiny blue antlers and I really love the little golden dots on the pretty blue fabric, printed with some sort of metallic paint. The ornament is an old brooch that my grandmother gave me a few years ago because it’s pin was gone.

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