quick hat

After knitting 5 hats for 5 different people I realized my head got cold too, so I knit myself a quick one-day hat.

I didn’t use a pattern, but I worked the ribbing and the decreases on the top like the Wurm pattern. I had knit the wurm for my mother this summer and I liked the ribbing bit a lot. Such a clever idea.

The hat part itself is pretty straightforward: 108 Stitches on 4mm needles, plain stockinette with single purls for dots. And, of course, a huge pompom.

Dog park picture!

Yarn used: 100% Merino
2 balls Lana Grossa COOL WOOL Big Melange, color 340 (dark olive/olive yellow mottled)

The only thing that annoys me is that I managed to end up with a ball that had a knot in the middle and, consequently, was from two different dye lots at once. I’m slightly annoyed about the yellow strip that runs across the hat now, but I also didn’t care enough to do anything about it when I got to the knot. Oh well …

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I made a hat for a friend (it’s actually supposed to be a trade. But we’ll see how that goes. He promised me another pair of man-knit socks for my collection.) It’s also the first finished product of my newest obsession with multiple gradients. Here one is in the yarn and one in the layout of the blue shapes.

As for the pattern, I started with this tutorial and just went from there. I changed it up quite a bit, and added a blue-to grey gradient by slowly fading out the colorful repeats towards the top of the hat.

I used Lana Grossa Elastico (96% cotton, 4% polyester):
– 1 ball Elastico 101-Schiefer
– 1/2 a ball Elastico Print in 520-Nachtblau/Jeans/Blauviolett/Flieder

The ribbing is fairly loose: My friend has really curly hair, so he prefers his hats to be a bit loose around the edges

And because I don’t have a picture of my friend wearing it yet, you get a really blurry cyborg-alien-esque picture of me size/fit testing halfway through knitting … and the colours are great:

It’s also very flattering to end up looking topless. Maybe there’s a reason
why people don’t knit hats in a 38 degree sleeveless-top kind of weather :P

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purple. red. hat.


I knit another hat, and it’s actually wearable!

As per the recipient’s request, it is really warm and I am quite happy to have found red yarn to perfectly match their hair.

The two-coloured brioche creates a really thick, squishy fabric and the folded up brim adds an extra layer around the ears. And while the stitches could have been a bit more even, I think it’s not too bad for my second knitting project ever.



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knitting project

I have not been sleeping very well lately, so I decided to knit instead …

Seeing as I didn’t really know how to knit when I decided to knit a hat (again – I know, I know), it took quite a few swatches to wrap my brain around the two-coloured brioche stitch.

The other thing that was quite impossible was to locally buy yarn I actually liked. It was impossible to find the right colours In a quality that seemed right, and the people at the yarn shop I went to have not been supportive nor understanding when I told them that I wanted to get a specific shade of purple …

In the end I was too impatient to fetch the exact shade and type of yarn I had imagined and just started knitting. And unraveling. And knitting again.

Now it seems to be working just fine, so we will see. It might become a whole hat at some point.

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Okay then, I knit a hat. I also lined it with textured purple fleece to match my hair. Now there are slightly lame pictures. But the pictures have snow and I knit a hat …

It’s the first thing I ever managed to knit. I have no pattern because I didn’t use one, but this very helpful site taught me how to knit the textured pattern. It’s the last one, Marguerite stitch.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s cozy, it’s pointy and it’s purple.
And the ties are actually usable, so when temperatures drop and the wind becomes a storm … my new hat becomes a real bonnet, bow and everything.


Here, have some not-so-great-pictures!


I always wanted a pointy hat and a bonnet … I got the idea to combine both of them after seeing this hat

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tacky stitch markers


I think I know how to make clay canes now, that might come in handy at some point.

Also, I made very tacky sheep. But this is for my brother and he used to love (read: obsessively collect) sheep when he was younger – so sheep he gets.




I hate tacky “cute” things. Especially ugly, dust-collecting stuff that is totally useless. But to each their own.

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stitch markers


I made stitch markers as a present for a knitter.

Then I decided that they need a knit-something for packaging. It took me about two hours to knit that tiny bit of ribbing – knitting and I don’t get along very well. Surprisingly I didn’t hate it as much as I used to (when I last tried it way back in primary school).

Now my brother also requested stitch markers for his birthday :D



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