purple. red. hat.


I knit another hat, and it’s actually wearable!

As per the recipient’s request, it is really warm and I am quite happy to have found red yarn to perfectly match their hair.

The two-coloured brioche creates a really thick, squishy fabric and the folded up brim adds an extra layer around the ears. And while the stitches could have been a bit more even, I think it’s not too bad for my second knitting project ever.



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Okay then, I knit a hat. I also lined it with textured purple fleece to match my hair. Now there are slightly lame pictures. But the pictures have snow and I knit a hat …

It’s the first thing I ever managed to knit. I have no pattern because I didn’t use one, but this very helpful site taught me how to knit the textured pattern. It’s the last one, Marguerite stitch.

There’s a lot of room for improvement, but it’s cozy, it’s pointy and it’s purple.
And the ties are actually usable, so when temperatures drop and the wind becomes a storm … my new hat becomes a real bonnet, bow and everything.


Here, have some not-so-great-pictures!


I always wanted a pointy hat and a bonnet … I got the idea to combine both of them after seeing this hat

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stitch markers


I made stitch markers as a present for a knitter.

Then I decided that they need a knit-something for packaging. It took me about two hours to knit that tiny bit of ribbing – knitting and I don’t get along very well. Surprisingly I didn’t hate it as much as I used to (when I last tried it way back in primary school).

Now my brother also requested stitch markers for his birthday :D



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